Field trial training

Jason offers a variety of training days for small groups of people wanting to give their dogs some experience before the trialling season gets under way.

Trialling training days on dummies in root crops

These dates simulate a field trial in root crops, and offer handlers the experience of field trialling and training their dogs in readiness for the trial season. Days are available from June to August, and need to be booked in advance. They are for groups of 4-8 handlers.

Walked up days on live game

Walked up days on live game are available during September and October, and are on partridge and pheasant. They can be booked by groups. Talk to Jason to book a day for your club or a group of friends.

Driven training days

Jason offers driven training days for groups of six handlers, with all dogs in line. There will be two drives, picking as many birds as you like.

Boundary days for spaniels

These days are for triallers who want to shoot a few birds and hunt their dogs in an environment that is akin to what is expected during a trial. They are for two or three handlers only. The group finds their own guns. Spaniel boundary days can be arranged throughout the shooting season.