Over the past four years, Jason’s advice and patience have been invaluable in training an extremely challenging dog. His approach to teaching imbues a person with enthusiasm and a desire to succeed. Never had better training.”

Carole Harris

Inspiring and energising – a big confidence giver!

Jane White

I’ve known Jason a long time, and he’s become a fantastic trainer. We now gather friends at my home for training weekends with Jason twice a year.

Molly Barker

“I like Jason’s fresh approach. As an experienced CBR handler and accredited prison service dog trainer, I thought I was well versed in training methods. Jason’s techniques are innovative. He relates well to large or small groups of different abilities.”

Dave Compton

“I was a complete beginner to the sport when I went to Jason with my first dog nearly 3 years ago in 2016.  “Gonzo” is quite a challenging fox-red Labrador. Moreover he was a year old when we first went to Jason and, as a complete beginner, I’d done all the wrong things with him.  So I was rather nervous about what to expect on our first visit, but Jason soon put me at ease as we started at the very beginning with getting Gonzo to walk to heel properly. (It really was that basic at the beginning!)  Gonzo and I did our homework between lessons and we were soon making good progress.  Jason’s focus was on teaching me how to train Gonzo, explaining the effect my actions were having on him and what to do to get the right result.  He also spent time explaining and demonstrating to me how the sport operates: the qualities and behaviour required for a dog to be a good gundog, the relationship between Working Tests and Field Trials, and that if I trained my dog to be a good all-round gundog we would be able to compete successfully (if that was what I wanted to do).

The facilities Jason has are fantastic and varied.  We’ve trained in water, woodlands, over natural obstacles, in cover crop, with dummies and with live game on walk-up days, individually and in groups (Jason has introduced me into two groups).  The dynamics and challenges of working individually and in groups can be quite different, and I’ve learnt the importance of training in both environments.

Three years on and I’m now on my second dog (that Jason helped me find).  Needless to say, I started Floyd’s training with Jason somewhat earlier: he was 6 months old, and the results are quite amazing when you do things the right way from the start!  Floyd had his first gentle experience of picking-up at one of Jason’s walk-up days when he was 9 months old.  Next year he’ll be 2 years old, and we’ll be looking to Working Tests, Field Trials and picking up regularly.

I’ve found that irrespective of whether you’re a famous TV chef, a seasoned professional or a complete beginner, you’re treated the same by Jason: with respect, patience and a focus on what you, the client, wants to achieve with your dog.  Finally, it’s not all serious work, there’s a lot of laughing and banter along the way. It’s a huge amount of fun and very rewarding … but be warned, it is addictive!”

Simon Dawson