Jason trained his first gundog in 2000 when he was a gamekeeper in Herefordshire.  Having a sporting background it was only natural that as well as using his dog for picking up on local shoots, he would quickly take up the challenge of competing with his dogs at Working Tests and Field Trials.  By 2003 Jason had been selected to represent Wales with his first love, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Arnac Bay Sage, and in 2004 he won his first Field Trial with his Labrador Ravensthorpe Izzy.  He continues to compete with all his dogs, and especially with his Field Trial Champion Kestrelway Drake, with whom he qualified for the International Gundog League Championships in 2017 and 2018.  In 2018 and 2019, Jason represented England at the Anglesey Gundog International, and on both occasions FTCh Kestrelway Drake was the highest scoring dog for England. In 2022, Jason made up his second Field Trial Champion with FTCh Berryshot Bernie, and once again qualified for the IGL Retriever Championship, which will be Jason’s fourth time at the Championship.

Jason is a B Panel judge, and in 2019 he judged the Swedish Gundog League Retriever Championship.

As Jason’s training methods developed over the years, he began helping others with their training. People found his methods effective and easy to follow.  He began to be asked for private tuition and group training for gundog clubs and groups of friends, and eventually he decided to turn his passion for the sport into a full time occupation.  Ask any of his clients and they will tell you his enthusiasm is infectious, and he gets as much enjoyment out of introducing beginners to his sport as he does working with those with considerable experience.

He has a keen eye for seeing the detail, where a little change in the handling makes a lot of difference to the dog.  Jason’s popularity has grown, and he is frequently asked invited to run training clinics all over the UK, as well as Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Ireland, Sweden and Germany.

After an amazing season, Jason qualified again for the 2021 IGL Retriever Championship by winning the South Eastern Gundog Society’s 2 day trial.
53 dogs ran in the 2021 International Gundog League Retriever Championship, and Bertie (Berryshot Bernie) finished all three days of trialling. Bertie was one of the 7 dogs who finished the Championship, and was awarded a Diploma of Merit. He is owned by Mr & Mrs Berry, and has been trained and handled by Jason
Jason and the England team
Jason representing England at the Anglesey International in July 2018
Jason filming with James Martin for ITV’s Good Morning television show.
Jason out trialling with 20 month old Widgeon, son of FTCh Kestrelway Drake. Widgeon took 3rd and 4th places in trials in January 2019.

England cricket legend Matt Prior has recently started his gundog training with his young dog, Maxi. Matt, who was part of the England team that became No. 1 in the world, is one of the best wicket keepers/batsmen ever. He’s now started a new vocation with Jason on his training ground based on Cowdray Park.

Matt beginning his journey with Maxi